Based and Born in Lisbon at 1986.
Graduated in visual Arts.
Photographer since 2007.


-September 2008, 2nd place at "Built heritage" category in a photo contest 
-September 2008, 1st place at "colors" category from the contest "art photography"
-Novemer 2008, 1st and 3rd places of the photo contest "Algarve Gentes e Lugares"
-April 2009, 2nd and 3rd places of the photo contest "Um olhar sobre a saúde e ambiente" 
-October 2009, 1st and 2nd place of the "Portugal Gentes e Lugares" photo contest 
-September 2010, 1st place of the "B&W" category of the photo contest of Corroios Portugal
-April 2012, 2nd place of photographic contest "Estação de Imagem" in the category, Daily Life.
-April 2014, 1st place of photographic contest "Estação de Imagem" in the category, Arts and Entertainment
- Honorable mention photo contest, ESTAÇÃO IMAGEM 2018


-July 2009, Publication of project "Olhar Nomada" on "O mundo da fotografia digital" issue #51.
-December 2009, Portfolio publication at the magazine "DIRECTARTS".
-August 2011, Publication the project "Trash land" and interview for "CNN"
-December 2011, Publication of a Fashion Editorial on "MEN'S HEALTH" Mag
-December 2011, Publication of 8 pages and interview for french "PHOTO" Mag
-Dezember 2011, "EmptyKingdom" TOP 100 Artists of 2011
-February 2012, publication on "P3 PUBLICO"
-Februrary 2012, Publication the project "Gispy Portrait" on the site "121 CLICKS"
-April 2012, Publication and enterview of 4 pages for "EDIT MAG"
-April 2012, publication and interview for "TABU" and "CAJU" magazine
-Dezember 2012, Publication the project "Body Language" on "SEE7" Mag
-Dezember 2012, Cover and editoria "Black Widow" on "FASHIONGUN"Issue#2
-January 2013, Fashion editorial "China Town" for on-line and Print "DI MODA" Mag, Issue#1
-February 2013, Fashion editorial "VOID" on "SUPERIOR" issue February 2013
-February 2013, Fashion editorial "Miami Vice" on "TINSEL TOKYO" mag, Isssue#10
-April 2013, Fashion editorial for Print Mag "DIVO" issue# 01
-May 2013, Fashion editorial "Hope there's someone" for "GUN L'HOMME" Issue# 01
-August 2013, Fashion editorial "Trailer Trash" for "SLAVE" mag
-September 2013, Front Cover and editorial for "DEEPART" issue# 14
-October 2013, Fashion editorial for "DIVO" mag(Angola), issue# 4
-January 2014, Fashion editorial for "SVELTO" mag(USA) issue#1
-February 2014, Fashion editorial for "CHAOS" mag
-March 2014, Fashion editorial for "DIVO" Mag(Angola) Issue#8
-March 2014, Documentary "Ariana" on "VICE"
-July 2014, Fashion editorial for "FACTICE" (France)
-December 2014, Fashion editorial for "BISOUS" Mag(Los Angeles)
-January 2015, Fashion editorial for "EDIT" Mag(Portugal)
-May 2016, Fashion editorial for "Lucy's Mag"(Denver)
-May 2016, Fashion editorial for "CRISTINA" (Portugal)
-October 2016, Fashion editorial for "HUF Mag"
-November 2016, Fashion editorial for "MEN'S HEALTH" (Portugal)
-February 2017, Documentary "Men's Breast Cancer" for "Sábado" mag
-February 2017, Fashion Editorial for "FUCKING YOUNG"
-February 2017, Photo documentary for SABADO magazine
-March 2017, Fashion Editorial for "FACTICE"
-May 2017, Fashion Editorial for "VULKAN" Mag
-July 2017, Fashion editorial for SCALA REGIA
-March 2018, Fashion editorial for DEP mag(Vietnam)
-July 2018, Fashion editorial for UP-TAP Mag